Our packages provide you with the flexibility to choose one that best suits you. These scans are purely for the parent’s enjoyment and as such do not require a referral or request form. Why wait to show off your gorgeous keepsakes? All photo’s will be prepared and printed on the day of your ultrasound scan, so they’ll be ready for you to take home and enjoy immediately.

Gift vouchers are available for that unique and personal gift for a baby shower, birthday, Mothers day or Christmas. Vouchers can be purchased for each package option below, or any dollar amount you like.


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The quality of the images will vary depending on your baby’s age, position, amniotic fluid levels and maternal anatomy.

Whilst the images on our website are taken from actual Sound Radiology patients, we cannot control all the factors affecting your 4D scan and therefore cannot guarantee the images obtained will replicate those on the website.

NOTE: There is a $40 surcharge for twins & triplets to cover the extra scan time required.