Welcome to Sound Radiology’s 3D and 4D Baby Ultrasound Nursery

– Adelaide’s Obstetric Ultrasound Specialists.

Here’s hoping the bundle in your belly has perfected that cute little smile…because they are about to get their very first close-up! Imagine catching a glimpse of a yawn, wave or even…. a cheeky poke of the tongue….begin creating unforgettable memories of your precious little baby. 4D ultrasound scans capture moving (4D) and still images (3D and 2D) of your beautiful baby’s features such as their little face, hands and feet.
We invite your family and friends along to share in this unique and special bonding experience with you. Imagine the excitement as you try and see whose features the baby has.

All 3D ultrasound and 4D scans are performed by Accredited Medical Sonographers, giving you the peace of mind that your baby is in skilled hands. This also gives you the added advantage of conveniently combining any medical growth scans with your 4D package. How nice would it be to have the same sonographer looking after you and your baby throughout the duration of your pregnancy? With our experience in 4D ultrasound we have found that between 26 and 32 weeks of pregnancy is the time where we can obtain the best photos. There is still enough fluid around the baby to obtain clear photos and their features are well developed by now.





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